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Summer 2009 - Dream Achievers

BEV_Professional_Pix_019Personal Chef, Education and a Book! -

Meet Beverley Watson-Horsted - Up State New York USA

Beverley appeared on Food Network TV and was later featured on the front pages of
The Food, Lifestyle & Community sections of South Florida's Sun-sentinel newspaper,
as well as the Cape Coral Breeze and The Naples Daily News.

On September 2007, She was awarded as a 'Forty Under 40" Southwest Florida Young
Leader by Gulfshore Business Magazine.

She has been a Premier Member of the United States Personal Chef Association since
2001, and holds a Food Safety Certification from The National Restaurant
Association.Chef Beverley just completed a 2-year project as a an Adjunct Professor
at  Miami Dade Community College for their Professional Personal Chef courseand she
also had been contracted to teach at Palm Beach County Community College, teaching
Nutrition for Foodservice Professionals.

Here is her feedback after using the book 'Picture Your Dreams Goals and Plans'

I have a vision board and a magical creation box that I put pictures of things that
I desire, but since I am an Author myself, your book was definately well received
and I have about 9 pages filled already!.

Beverley now lives in Upstate NY at her new Bed and Breakfast. She achieved this dream in April 2009 but had been working on it since 2006.

This is for her a dream come true. For more information on Beverley visit http://www.easthillsbandb.com

WhiteOrchidSandraSEducator, Mother , & Church Leader

Sandra (Coventry UK)

"It's the 'Picture Your Dreams Goals and Plans' Newsletters that did it for me! 

Reading them inspires action, focus and achievement whether the thing that you do is large or small. They bring about an air of "I can do this, I am able to ..." and you immediately move with no hesitation or resistance or procrastination."

I have used the Picture Your Dreams Goals & Plans newsletters to stay focused on what I need to do on a daily basis. I can now plan my day, complete my tasks and even do some forward planning. It's a wonderful feeling of achievement"


moviereelMaking a Movie

"I was able to start putting together a DVD and I had never tried anything like that before. My dreams have now come true. Thanks !

BF- Midlands - UK.

microphoneSpeaking on Stage

I was always a very shy person but I had a picture of me standing on stage and speaking. Now it's not a problem.

Tasha - UK



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